Ways to Protect Yourself Online While Watching Videos

The privacy online is never certain so you may not realize, but you would be sharing the information online even by watching videos online. The privacy is not secure as much as you think which is why you have to opt out for the ways which can keep you away from compromising on the privacy by adopting to guards to stay secure online.

Here are some of the ways to protect yourself online while watching videos:

Avoid Unnecessary Forms Filing

Prefer not to fill too many forms online such as joining a website or subscribing to the website. Avoid providing personal information to the websites which are searchable and may be used for other purposes too. You do not have to give out a lot of information as most of the places can be spam too. By providing information online, you leave the trail for the spammers to follow you and steal your information online to use for multiple unknown reasons.

Search History

The web browsers keep track of what you are searching online and what you are adding to the address bar. For the sake of privacy, you do have to clear out the history every time you are done with working online. Not only the privacy factor but it also helps in making your computer run faster and with ultimate results.

Search engines and Webs


When you are done from the websites or any search engines, make sure you log out before turning off the device. It helps in protecting the privacy and keeps the information safe also. Such as if you are watching youtube videos online then always sign out of the account when you are done with it.

You can use the best VPN for android tablet to keep the privacy top notch. Virtual Private networks provide you the ultimate privacy which wants. The IP address does not get tracked, and none of your information is accessed by any spammer or hacker. No one can see where your address is as it shows them the random IP address. It works best for the people who love to watch online videos all the time.

When you have VPN connection on your laptop or phone, you re able to watch and stream videos anytime you want. No one gets to know your whereabouts, and you will never have to worry about your security. You have the option to stream the videos fast, and the internet connection is amazing with it. VPN hides your identity online and keeps your information safe among all the users who are open to the spammers to take the information and misuse it.


Always be cautious of what you are downloading on your phone, tablet or laptop. Whether it is video, music, software, books, etc. make sure that you keep the privacy in mind. It can also make your device froze or malfunction it. Some of the downloading files may have adware which would supply your personal information to the unknown sources without you even knowing about it. So prefer always to download the items from the reliable and trusted websites online.

Private Information Guard

Always stop and think before sharing any information online whether it is through videos, accounts, social media network or any other source. If you are not ready to share that information in real life, then make sure to keep it private online too. Keep the details of identification safe such as phone numbers, name, address, account number and more.

Social Media Sites

As you can watch videos on social media networks nowadays frequently, be sure to click the ones which are safe. You will get to know by seeing the image on the screen so always be cautious. Keep the privacy settings aligned so that you do not get revealed to the irrelevant videos which may be harmful and may compromise your privacy over it.

Scams Online          

Sometimes there are videos online which seem legit, but they are fake. When you click on them, it opens up another page for you which may lead to the scammer’s web. Be careful while opening the files or videos and always rely on popular websites. Keep a check on the HTTPS format and look for the grammar spellings in the web address.

Online Reputation

People have the power to leave their feedback and reviews about a certain video or website nowadays. The reviews are so powerful that it starts to define the quality and the actual reputation of the webpage. Always make sure to read those online before you start depending on it. Look for the safe options to stream videos online so that you do not have to compromise on your privacy.